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In the 1960's a Norwegian historian came to Newfoundland, looking for evidence of Viking settlements in North America.  He met a Newfoundlander, who knew of evidence of rectangular mounds in a field near the town of L'anse Aux Meadows.  During excavation work, a firepit was found, which resembled those used by the Vikings in Norway.  This was the start of a very historic find.  This historic find lead to the discovery of the foundations of eight buildings and numerous artifacts.  The finding of those artifacts has continued and has meant a rewriting of the history books which had indicated that Christopher Columbus was the first European to visit North America.

At present, L'anse Aux Meadows has been designated a National Historic site of Canada.  Find out more by visiting the government website.

L'anse Aux Meadows is approximately two hours from Torrent River Inn. 


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